Hello, my name is Aditi and I love helping mothers succeed with their breastfeeding goals!  What makes me different than most lactation specialist is that I don’t think breastfeeding is for everyone and I support the mother no matter how short or long she decides to breastfeed. No judgements here.

I began my medical practice in 1998 as a Respiratory Therapists and decided I preferred working with milk than phlegm, so I became a Certified Lactation Education Counselor.  I went to college in San Diego California, shortly after getting married at the age of 23 we relocated to the midwest.  Chicago was beautiful for the 7 years we lived there, after a job transfer to Grand Rapids Michigan we endured the snow and cold for yet another 6 years.

Our first beautiful baby was born in 2010, and within hours I faced challenges with nursing.  Her cranial bones had shifted during birth and were compressing a nerve near her jaw causing her not to be able to latch properly.  We were blessed to have a CranioSacral Therapist on our floor work on her and within the hour she was good to go!  Our breastfeeding journey was accompanied by a weekly support group and lasted 19 months, when she decided to self wean on her own.

In 2012 we finally found the warmth and thawed out in St. George. Just a few months after we arrived I found out we were expecting our second bundle of joy!  At this point I had developed a passion for nursing, for natural ways and for helping others reach their goals and find meaning to motherhood.

Free2Feed, a local motherhood support group evolved.  It became a non-profit 501(c)(3) and has over the years reached and helped well over 4000 mothers in our community.  As the founder and CEO of this philanthropic organization, I found myself volunteering many many hours to helping mothers with breastfeeding issues.

So how did I go from the founder and volunteer of Free2Feed to the owner of Sound Start Education?


A lovely young lady in town decided to start a petition on social media to close down Free2Feed because this breastfeeding support group was being led by someone who wasn’t even a lactation specialist. By golly, she was right!

So I went out and spent the next 18 months pursing my degree and starting my business.

My vision is to help one mother at a time with love.