Are you pregnant and would like to breastfeed? Maybe its not your first birth, but breastfeeding the first one was a bit bumpy?

Being well educated on this subject, along with postpartum support makes for a sound start to your breastfeeding journey🌸

An in depth 3 hour class covering the following topics:

1. Risks of not breastfeeding
2. Anatomy & Physiology of breastfeeding
3. Position & latch
4. Getting enough milk
5. The breastfeeding plan
6. Common concerns
7. Pump & equipment
8. Returning back to work/school
9. Maternal nutrition
10. Myths of breastfeeding
11. Support systems
12. Resources

Are you ready to have a sound start to your breastfeeding journey?

Join us for a three hour in depth prenatal breastfeeding class that will have you ready for baby, all in the comfort of your own home, so register today!