Office Visit

Weighted Feed

Concerned about your baby's weight? Looking to see how much they take in with breastfeeding? Do you have questions about concerns you may be having? Let's get you taken care of!

Bottle Feeding

Is breastfeeding going great? Ready to introduce bottles? Maybe you currently bottle feed but have been having feeding issues? Let's get you the support you need!

Lip/Tongue Assessments

Struggling to nurse?
Baby taking in air, milk dripping everywhere?
Gas out of control, is the spit up and reflux getting worse?
Maybe your nipples are in excruciating pain?
We can help, book an office visit today!

Dental Office Appointment
Are you ready to have one of our preferred providers diagnose & treat your baby's ties? Allow for our lactation specialist to be there with you every step of the way. This 45 minute appointment includes interaction with our doctor, care for you and your family during and after the procedure.

Post Release Exam
Have you recently had your little ones ties release or revised? We need to see you! It is suggested 1-2 days after the procedure to go over exercises and stretches for post op care.

Ready to book an office visit?