Cold & Flu Season

As we approach “Cold/Flu Season” (aka: increased sugar & stress Halloween-New Years).

Remember to increase your immune system! When you do so, what your body doesn't absorb goes to baby via your breastmilk and therefore you are also helping to protect them.

Here is what our family does daily to fight the infections that are always lurking, but we are more prone to them when are defenses are low:

1. Rest- Make sure you AND your kids are getting 8 hours of sleep (kids preschool ages and older could use up to 10-12 depending on growth spurts).

2. Vitamins- We take an extra 1-2 doses a day for the next 3 months. If we are around anyone who is contagious we up it to every hour for the day.

*Vitamin C
*Vitamin D
*Immune 365

3. Eat Better- make this a point to focus what you out into your body.

4. Limit sugar- this can be challenging during this time of year and in our culture and with kids. Remember starches/carbs turn into sugar so what that too.

5. Lifestyle changes- promote a healthy change if you are drinking soda, smoking, drinking alcohol and too much coffee.

6. Fresh Air- Besides the daily walks that are both beneficial for exercise and your immune system, we open our windows daily for an hour and circulate fans each day in the winter when our heating system is running.

7. Change your filters every month in your homes ventilation system.

8. Use Oils- we diffuse daily doTERRA’s Onguard & Lemon. If one of us is getting sick we diffuse stinger lines of defense according to the system being attacked (See Teisha Irvine Hinton for suggestions). We suck on Onguard & Breath lozenges, Kids ingest Onguard beadletts.

9. Hot teas- herbs help! We have an amazing Master Herbalist at Pathway to Wellness (435-586-4854) if you want to learn more locally. Hey sell some amazing products that we use during this season as well.

10. WASH YOUR HANDS- 10-15 times a Day is a minimum that you should do so. This is in addition to after the restroom and before meals. Our medical staff doesn’t replace hand sanitizers for washing (scrubbing) hands before surgery, we don’t either. We use soap and hot water.

11. Silver Water- Its a staple in our regime during this time of year. A spray orally every day, every hour when compromised.

12. GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract)- Just incase you do get sick. 20-30 drops of a concentrated, float it on top of a shot of OJ and take it often.


Act in Love.

Go in Peace.