Period Panties & Menstrual Cups

Why?  Thats gross!  Really? They work?

Yes, if you haven’t heard…..

Tampons and pads companies actually put chemicals in their products to make you bleed more.  So what is more gross, that or the idea of period panties?

Bad camps? The main reason, the chemicals in pads and tampons that are causing you to bleed more cause cramping.  Why do they want you to bleed more…..

So that you will have to buy more of their products of course!

A menstrual cup captures your flow and would replace the idea of the tampon.  You will be SHOCKED (not toxic shock-no pun intended) at how little your body does actually bleed when you change your cup twice in a day.  There are many various companies and kinds.  We promote the VCup, it sits comfortably with most cervix shapes and sizes.

Period panties replaces the idea of pads- without the toxic effect.  They are made with specialized materials that help absorb the flow and have an outer material that allow for no leaking.  Yes, these ones actually hold 6-10 hours of your cycle, depending on the flow of course.  After much sampling of the various products and companies, we promote the THINX brand as being the most reliable and effective.

Happy Month!

Act in Love.

Go in Peace.